Amari  shuttle / road

The green valley of Amari reveals areas of stunning natural beauty. it is surrounded by Kedros and Psiloreitis (Ida) mountains. Streams of running water from the mountain carve their way into the lake of Patsos, through some of the most beautiful gorges of Crete. Agios Antonios, Potamoi, Prasiano. Panoramic views, centuries old trees, protected flora and fauna species, wild birds, herbs and delicate flowers create a unique atmosphere.

(Panormo - Arkadi) Thronos - Agia Fotini - Patsos - Agios Antonios - Prasies - Rethymno

This is a shuttle ride. We drive a few kilometers after Arkadi, on a peak point over Psiloreitis. We ride across the western part of the valley to Patsos, the entrance of Agios Antonios gorge. We take a break for a short visit to the gorge and a refreshing power up. Then we head to Prasiano gorge all the way to Rethymno coastline. Descending twice as much we ascent is kind of fun.

€ 90

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Bike Tour Data

Distance: 49 km
Elevation: 800 hm↑ 1400 hm↓
Peak Point: 620 m
Ride Time: 3:30 hours
Type: Active / Shuttle
Track: Road

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