Canyons mtb / e-bike tour

This is a gorgeous ride! Crossing three beautiful canyons in the region, this route exposes the rich diversity of Crete. Constantly alternating landscapes in an area full of streams, hills, gorges and little plateaus. We pass through the gorges of Eleftherna, Gypofarago on our way to Arkadi. Then we follow the Arkadiano gorge to Pikris.

Panormo - Kallergos - Eleftherna - Arkadi - Pikris 

Almost entirely off road, this ride demands good physical condition and excellent technical skills. Single-track, loose ground and rocky sections make this ride challenging, exciting and joyful. It rewards us with the beauty of wilderness in areas far from human activity. E4 European trail network is part of this route. Recommended for avid mountain bikers.

€ 75

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 Bike Tour Data

Distance: 43 km
Altitude: 900 hm↑↓
Peak Point: 635 m
Ride Time: 3:30 hours
Track: MTB
Rider Type: Avid

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