“Life is either a great adventure or nothing” (Helen Keller)
Cycling in Crete with JoyRide is bound to be the greatest adventure of your life!
An adventure that has it all: stunning landscapes, diverse terrains, routes on rocky mountains, old trails leading to picturesque villages, beautiful coastal routes and more. An adventure that combines our passion for cycling with deep knowledge of Crete's culture, history, wild nature, tradition and gastronomy.
JoyRide’s cycling adventures are specially designed to fill you with adrenaline and recreation, while at the same time they leave you carefree to enjoy your ride without worrying for the tedious details of the trip. 

Each tour is supported by locals, experienced cyclist guides who will tend to your needs and guide you through the best kept secrets of Crete, while there are also support vehicles, providing water, snacks and any necessary materials for the bikes. No need to care about transfers, accommodation, lunch breaks or even dinners. It’s all settled by JoyRide, in the most convenient and pleasurable way.
JoyRide specializes in organizing unforgettable adventures for cycling lovers who want to explore the authentic side of Crete. Our tour plans consist of 7-8 days, point to point traveling around the island in small groups of 6-10 guests. Please check this page again, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

Experience the authentic Crete, join the JoyRide!

Mountain bike Tour of Crete - West Side Story

8 days 7 nights 6 rides

From the verdant mountainous landscapes of mainland Crete to the rugged beauty of the Cretan South, this route encompasses the best features of the island and some of its best-kept secrets. Take a ride through the unique biodiversity, history and culture of Crete, enjoy a swim in the most beautiful beaches of the south, and let your mind run free in the serene Cretan nature as you pedal through magnificent landscapes. Learn more >

Balos @ Crete
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