Alfa road ride

Alpha is a small traditional village, famous for characteristic stone extracted from the area. Alfopetra, is soft but gets harder when exposed to the elements. It provides building stones to the whole area of Mylopotamos. Birthplace of Moundakis, the legendary lyra master of Cretan musical tradition.

Panormo - Perama - Alfa - Erfi

Introductory ride in back-country, quiet asphalt roads. We pass through Perama, the Municipal town and little villages of Alfa and Erfoi. Brief stop in Erfoi to enjoy the peacefulness of the country side. The ride is relaxed, with low elevation on smooth, low traffic, paved roads. Beautiful country ride through olive groves and farm land.

€ 45 

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Bike Tour Data

Distance: 27 km
Elevation: 330 hm↑↓
Peak Point: 230 m
Ride Time: 2 hours
Track: Road
Rider Type: Recreational

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