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At the northern part of Psiloreitis Natural Park, the mountain of Talaia Ori was the inhabitant of mythical Talos. The bronze giant was the first robot in history. One of the three gifts Zeus offered to his daughter Europe and her son, king Minos of Knossos. His duty was to protect Crete from invaders and keep the law, fighting injustice. In a unique geological structure, the mountain exposes inverted rocks of Dolomites. Presenting older rocks over the younger, it reveals a geological trip of 250 million years.

Panormo - Melidoni - Apladiana - Bali 

We approach the mountain from the southern side, on off-road farm-tracks, following Geropotamos river. A steep climb of 400 hm↑ takes us to the crossing passage between the peaks at 600m altitude. From there we descent to the sea level, in Bali for another passage at 230 m↑ over the northern side of Talos. Steep and rocky this ride is demanding sharp skill and excellent physical condition. Panoramic sea and mountain views are rewarding.

 € 70

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Bike Tour Data

Distance: 51 km
Elevation: 1200 hm↑↓
Peak Point: 600 m
Ride Time: 4 hours
Track: MTB / Road
Rider TypeAvid

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