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Psiloritis - Shuttle / MTB / Road

We start this magnificent mountain bike ride with a shuttle, driving us high on Psiloritis, at Nida plateau (1350m).
Located here is Idaion Andron, birthplace of Zeus (Dias), the ancient Greek mythology's master of Gods. After a magnificent, curvy descent among Psiloriti's higher peaks we turn to Zominthos plateau, into the centuries, holm-oak forest of Roussa limni. Crossing through the ancient trees, to Agios Yakinthos, we ride a technical descent in the woods, all the way down to Anogeia. A short bike stop here will reward us with some fresh goat milk ice cream, famous local delicatessen. We will put those delicious calories into good use heading lower, through the foothills of IDI mountain range, to the greenways of Geropotamos river valley bellow, towards Axos.

Nida - Zominthos - Anogeia - Axos - Enagron - Veni - Apladiana - Perama - Panormos

  Riding on a mix of flowy, gravel and asphalt, country backroads we will reach Axos for a visit to Enagron, an amazing, traditional eco village resort, above the river bank. After tasting some of the home made, delicious, seasonal dishes of Cretan gastronomy we will take the path of least resistance, led by the river, through Mylopotamos valley, with all those beautiful little villages laying on the scenic E4 green route.
Charged with 1.800 meters of flowing, descenting country roads, and short, smooth climbs, this bike tour can be accomplished by anyone with an active lifestyle. Highly reccomented for adventure seekers who want to take the extra mile, exploring the authentic Crete.

€ 100

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Bike Tour Data

Distance: 58 km
Elevation: 550 hm↑ 1800 hm↓
Peak Point:  1350 m
Ride Time: 4:00 hours
Type: Active / Shuttle
Track: MTB/Road, Shuttle

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