Melidoni  leisure e-bike tour

Melidoni is famous for the ancient cave located 2km away from the little village. Impressive giant stalactites and stalagmites form one of the most important caves of Crete. In mythology it was the cave of Talos. The prehistoric, bronze giant humanoid was a present of Zeus to his daughter Europe and to king Minos. The cave, a Minoan sacred temple of worship is a miracle of millenia.

Panormo - Achlades - Melidoni - Agia - Dafnedes - Perama

We ride on mixed terrain, on and off road. We pass through herbal areas and olive groves, for an optional climb to the cave. After Melidoni we head to Dafnedes following the river side of Geropotamos. Smooth climbs and rolling, hardpack terrain make this route ideal for beginner mountain bikers.
Road riding version is possible.

€ 60

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Bike Tour Data

Distance: 30 - 35 km
Elevation: ~400 hm↑↓
Peak Point: 220 m
Ride Time: 2:30 hours
Track: MTB / Road 
Rider Type: Recreational

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