a miniature continent...

Crete is a privileged, wonderful island. The diverse landscape, culture, history and hospitality of Crete are extraordinary.
Rich in biodiversity, nature presents constantly alternating landscapes. Alpine mountainous areas, verdurous forests,  tropical coastal zones, olive groves, vineyards and cultivated plains. A great number of rivers and streams are carving magnificent gorges on their way from the peaks to the sea. Along this journey we will locate endemic plants, unique herbs and wildflowers. 

We shall spot significant monuments on our routes. The glorious Minoan, ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman eras unfold before our eyes. Several old villages, dated to ancient times are still inhabited, maintaining authentic architectural formations.



Crete features three major, high mountain ranges, up to 2500m high. Extensive back-roads network, quiet dirt tracks, challenging trails and remote locations with spectacular scenery offer unforgettable cycling experiences. The mild, warm, Mediterranean climate climate is ideal for cycling all year long. Crete is a cycling paradise and we reserve a key for you to enter. You are welcome, be our guest!

“Crete is a wonderful and dramatic island, a miniature continent with precipitous mountains, a hundred gorges, unique plants, extinct animals and lost civilizations...”. 
Reference: Rackham, O. & Moody, J., 1996. The Making of the Cretan Landscape. Manchester: University Press

Mountain bike Tours

Enjoy the remote wilderness, connect with nature, explore the authentic Crete.

Road Cycling Tours

Selected cycling routes on scenic country roads with low traffic.

Cycling Adventures

Multi-day, guided Tours of Crete. Discover the hidden treasures that make Crete unique!

 "In matters of cycling in Crete, refer to JoyRide.bike"

We have been exploring Crete on mountain bikes since 1995. Practically we have tracked every ridable path on the island.
Based in Panormo and Fodele, our tours visit a great number of places in the Rethymno & Heraklion prefectures, North and South Crete.
We shall explore Psiloritis, Talos, Kedros, Milopotamos, Anogeia, Axos, Veni, Enagron, Panormos, Rethymno, Arkadi, Bali, Margarites, Eleftherna, Perama, Alfa, Erfi, Prinos, Viran Episkopi, Loutra, Pigi, Adele, Achlades, Melidoni, Dafnedes, Agia, Exantis, Bali, Skepasti, Melisourgaki, Orthes, Aggeliana, Archaia Eleftherna, Kallergos, Amnatos, Pikris, Kapsaliana, Amari, Thronos, Patsos, Prasies, Chromonastiri, Mili, Apladiana, Potamoi, Agios Antonios, Fodele, Agia Pelagia, Georgioupolis, Vamos, Argiroupolis, Plakias, Preveli, Triopetra, Agia Galini and so many more locations in Crete. You may start your exploration on our suggested routes. ►

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